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working to protect the rights of the people to use and access public lands and waterways
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 WE NEED YOUR HELP! The Ozark National Scenic Riverways (National Park Service) seeks to dramatically curtail your use of the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers. Their desire to place a stranglehold on your traditional uses has led to the drafting of a new 20 year plan which places restrictions that will lessen recreational opportunities and cause economic hardships on the communities in and around the two rivers: 1. ELIMINATES 65 MILES OF HORSE TRAILS ADJACENT TO THE RIVERS 2. ELIMINATES UNAUTHORIZED RIVER CROSSINGS 3. REQUIRES PERMITS FOR HORSEBACK RIDING 4. ELIMINATES MOTOR VEHICLE ACCESS TO GRAVEL BARS 5. ELIMINATES ALL ATV, UTV, AND FOUR WHEELER USE 6. ELIMINATES OUTBOARD MOTORS IN SOME AREAS 7. PASSES REGULATIONS THAT WILL REDUCE BOAT MOTOR HORSEPOWER NONE OF THEIR FINDINGS SUBSTANTIATING THESE CHANGES ARE SUPPORTED BY ANY EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE The National Park Service, at the prompting of the Sierra Club and other environmental groups, wishes to turn a Scenic Easement into an Environmental Park inaccessible to everyone but the environmentalists! How can you help? 1. Submit your comments and complaints to 2. BETTER YET, ATTEND ONE OF TWO MEETINGS AND SUBMIT YOUR COMPLAINTS IN PERSON: 6-9 P.M. December 10th 2013 @VAN BUREN YOUTH & COMMUNITY CENTER (intersection of Business 60 &D Hwy) 6-9P.M. December 11th 2013 @ POWDER VALLEY CONSERVATION NATURE CENTER 11715 Cragwold Rd. Kirkwood Missouri 63122 3. Contact your state and federal representatives!